The People Have Voted

The once in a lifetime chance to take part in a Referendum has passed. It took me less than 30 seconds to complete, and I was the only person in the polling station (apart from the election staff). I will tick it off the list of things to do, but it will not be a chart topper in that list.
The turnout was better than expected with the South West having a turnout of 44.6% (1.8 million people); with Cornwall’s turnout 40.2%, (and double what I predicted in a previous blog).
The result was a resounding No to AV. The split of the vote is as follows:
No to AV – 117,770 (69.71%)
Yes to AV – 51,184 (30.29%)
168,954 cast with 279 spoiled ballot papers
You can’t argue with the result and the winning margin. The people have voted and made it very clear what they think. Out of the 37 areas in the South West Region, not a single one voted in favour of Yes to AV.

The result UK wide is:

No to AV – 12,640,417 (68.31%)

Yes to AV – 5,863,519 (31.69%)

The Electoral Commission has a great website HERE


  • Anonymous

    What we don't know is how many voted against AV because it is a system not much better than FPTP and also not real proportional representation.

  • CornwallNews

    The figures are BOGUS as is the BOGUS REFERENDUM.
    Here's a challenge for you Cllr Wallis:
    Get precise and accurate figures in response to the questions posed by CN here:!/CornwallNews
    We look forward to seeing you post precise answers to those questions.
    With our compliments
    The Editors

  • CornwallNews

    You will, of course Cllr Wallis, be aware that those figures are false and that Electoral Commission endemic and pernicious inadequate scrutiny and false reporting of the validity of votes cast extends all the way from EU elections down to parish council elections:
    Ask the questions posed here:!/CornwallNews
    of the Electoral Commission.
    If you care that accuracy and integrity in these matters is fundamental to the most basic democratic principles you will ask them some of those questions and post up their responses which, if your sense of propriety is alive and well, you will find considerably less than satisfactory nor appropriate in relation to what standards of scrutiny and enforcement we expect the Electoral Commission to exercise.
    With our compliments
    The Editors

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