The Parking Solution To Gibson Way?

Anyone who knows Porthleven will know parking is a growing problem; in some areas it is at a critical point. This I believe is due to two factors, firstly there are more cars on the road, and secondly planning policy thirty or more years ago simply never took into account the motorcar. Gibson Way is just one of these areas as originally it was a simple street with light traffic. It has now progressed to a main access road to other parts of Porthleven. This road is now struggling with the number of cars parked, and the amount of traffic using it.

There are around 70 houses in this street and most have at least one car, but in many cases there are two or three cars per household. There are a few small bays placed along this road to take a few of the cars off the highway, but they are just too small for the amount of cars now on this street. It means people then have to double park, and more worryingly park on the grass verges. This, especially when it is wet destroys these verges, and over a period of time have left deep welts in the ground.

Using a big chunk of my Members Highway budget I plan to extend these bays so they will accommodate more cars. Ideally I would have extended them the full length of Gibson Way, but that is not affordable and would run into technical problems because of utilities and driveways. The extension of the existing bays I believe is a sensible way forward, and this was also favoured option I received in response from a letter I sent to every household along this street.

The cost of extending these bays and the associated works is just short of £14k. If I had to pay this solely out of my budget then I would not be able to solve this without cancelling other projects I have planned. This budgetary issue was over come because Coastline Housing who have tenants on this road have agreed to part-fund this project to the tune of £5500. I am extremely grateful to them in agreeing to this as it shows that different agencies are capable of joining forces and solving issues that would otherwise not be solved.

I have agreed in principle to the draft plans outlining the proposals. Now these will get drawn up formally where I will then send to every household along this street to make sure they are informed and happy with this proposed work. Once this has been done and there are no other issues, work will then start. I have also consulted with Porthleven Town Councils Transport Committee who have fully supported this plan.


  • Anonymous

    good effort andrew, shame fore street is still shite though

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant! A step in the right direction for poor parking around Port. Seen the warden out having a field day in fore street, so at least THAT area does get looked at.

    Just need to get rid of the opportunity to park at very top of fore st (on one side) at moment you can park on both sides and nearly block the road. Also people park very much illegally on the corner at the bottom of Torleven road 'just to nip to the post office'.

    Torleven road itself has its parking problems, compounded by the fact it's used by both kids walking to and from school and as a 60mph+ racetrack by young and old irresponsible drivers.

    Vicarage road is seen as pretty much a free for all long stay carpark for those journeying into the town, on BOTH sides of the road regardless of access to properties. There is almost NO linage on this road (bar at the cemetery entrance) so nothing can be done about any poor, borderline illegal parking – especially again on very nearly blind corner into torleven rd.

    If we are doing access roads can I ask whether anything will ever be done about the parking on wellington road? As it is another area where parking (along opposite town hall) makes the MAJOR through road pretty much a one way street. Many of the houses there appear to have driveways

    I'm sure the problem diminishes as the village returns to winter with the few ever decreasing number of long term, home OWNING residents that are left in the village nowadays (probably 30%? population). The parking issue seems to be dramatically worse in the warmer months when the the great numbers of visitors fill the holiday homes owned by the likes of porthleven holidays and the many other businesses seeking, and almost succeeding, to turn our town soul into a summer 'sandals' resort (it would already be so if the likes of Osborne had his way!)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but its not visitors parking outside the post office or deli,its locals,the parking problems are locally based nothing to do with holidays or Trevor Osborne.

  • Anonymous

    Good effort on Gibson Way.

    Why doesn't the moaning resident above learn a thing from the Londoners that he complains about and push for a Residents' parking scheme in Porthleven? It works well in London and protects genuine residents.

    Why doesn't the council do something about the parking area in the park? The state of it is a disgrace. The Town Councillors are trustees of the park and could easily be pushing for proper parking areas, ticketing, extra spaces, a fewer puddles….

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Dear last anon,

    Thank you for your comment.

    In reference to your point on parking. If you are meaning the small gravel/unkept area next to the children's play park (the moors) this is not owned by the Town Council and is owned by the Harbour and Dockland Company. It would be very nice if they did sort the surface out.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.
    Have emailed the Harbour & Dock Company about the area.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Andrew,
    Just discovered your blog. Great idea.

    Congrats on the win regarding Gibson Way. It would have been fantastic to have the improvements extened the length of the way but any improvement is better than nothing. Now if only something could be done for up by the school! Seriously – do we need the useless strip of grass that is used only for dog fouling. Much better to free up and make a couple of bays.

    As for Gibson way, if the services allow, it would be good to see bays extended on either side of the bend at the Wellington Road end of the way. It really is an all mighty accident waiting to happen no matter how slow you drive or how much caution you try to take. If you are able, it would be good to see this suggested for the future.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Dear Anon,

    Sadly, I only had limited money or otherwise I would had done the whole road.

    If I had more money I would extend the bays along Wellington road, as this area is also of concern. At present I am about £8k short to make it happen.

    I would also like to put a Island Crossing (like the one I did in Helston Boating Lake) between bus stop and Sunset Drive.

    Keep reading!

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