The number of fines from unauthorised absence in Cornwall’s schools

Following on from my previous post on unauthorised absence and the rules parents and carers can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice; I thought it would be good to inform you on the actual numbers of parents issued in Cornwall with a FPN and the total amount levied.

The number of parents and carers issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is ZERO*. So if no fines, no levies.

  • Academic Year 2011/12 – 0
  • Academic Year 2012/13 – 1 (This notice was not paid and the parent was prosecuted in the magistrates court)
  • Academic Year 2013/14 – 0
  • The Council’s stance on this is it wants to work with schools and parents / carers to make sure children attend school so they get the education they deserve.

    *As correct 6th August.

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