The Mayor’s Mob and the WI

The annual Porthleven Womans Insitute quiz took place last night at the Harbour Inn. Teams from the Sithney and Helston WI were also present. I was there as part of the Mayor of Porthleven team, also known as the Mayors Mob. Last year we won this quiz in a close fought competition.

As defending ‘champions’ we had something to prove we were not one trick ponies. All was well until one of our team had to drop out at the last minute, so before the start we were a man down.

The quiz was good natured and everyone really enjoyed themselves. However, the quiz was not just about fun, but to raise a little bit of money for St Julia’s Hospice and just over £100 was raised by those present. A special thanks should go to Roy, the quiz master, and those WI Committee members who organised this event.

As for the result, the Mayors Mob won. There was some good natured jeering and the odd funny comment including ‘we are not inviting you next year’ when it was announced we had won. The winning is not important, but the fact people are still willing to put their hands in their pockets to raise money in these difficult economic times.

The winning team
            Rod (Town Warden) Harry (Mayor) Me (Making up the numbers)

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