The Mayor on a skateboard as Porthleven’s new £125k Skate Park opens

Wow, what a journey of just over two-years when a group of residents got together and started to raise money to replace the old worn-out skate park. Wednesday 9th November 2016 will be remembered in Porthleven for the opening of a state of the art skate park.

This has been achieved by Porthleven Town Council and the Porthleven Skate Park Committee working in partnership and with massive input and support from the community and businesses near and far to help raise the £125k needed for this facility.

The new £125k Porthleven skate park

The new £125k Porthleven skate park

Whist there was so many involved in making this happen and each and everyone should be thanked, I have to pay tribute to Naomi Osmond, Mark Adair, Zoë Davies and Dai Lawton for being the main drivers behind delivering this facility. It has been a real pleasure to be part of this group of dedicated residents. Thanks also to Bryn who has channelled his energies into the design.img_1488

The Mayor of Porthleven gets into the skating scene with all her mayoral bling

Opening the park, the Mayor of Porthleven, Cllr Barbara Powell said:

I am so proud to be opening Porthleven’s new Skate Park. So many people have worked hard to make this project happen, to make today a reality. I’m especially pleased that this facility is for the older children. We have several play parks for the younger children and the other sports clubs for the adults but now it is your turn, so explore, try out new moves, meet your friends here, and enjoy it!

img_1238-1I am not the only who is proud of what has happened, here is what it means for the members of the Porthleven Skate Park Committee.

Mark Adair:

“Very proud to live in community that got so behind this project, the support has been unwavering from the start. We had to build something that did justice to the support we have had, and looking at the finished build, we did it. This park is top quality and will be here for generations to come”

Dai Lawton:

“This world class wheeled sports facility will provide a place for young people to engage in healthy, positive activities and to take ownership of. It’s amazing the way the whole community has got behind this project.

Naomi Osmond:

“A huge thank you for the support of the whole community and I hope the facility brings many years of enjoyment to all and I’ll be looking out for Porthleven’s first Olympic skater in the future”

Zoe Davies:

This inspired facility has provided a safe place for a fast growing sport accessible to all ages and abilities. Designed and built-in the spirit of inclusion and participation with user needs firmly at the centre it reflects Porthleven’s aspiration to remain a creative vibrant healthy community.

I must also say thank you to Sports England for their £75k grant and to Maverick Industries who have worked very closely with the community to deliver this park. The team from Maverick has built this park with real love, and it shows in the finished facility.

It was great to see so many parents and young people attend today’s grand opening despite the poor weather. The rain did not put so many happy young people from having a ‘roll’ on the new skate park.

I am very proud of everything that has happened. Well done. Now enjoy the facility.

If you cannot remember what was here before, here is a reminder…img_1292

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