The Masses Turn Up at Helston Town Council

Last nights Helston Town Council meeting was a full house. I counted at least 35 people who had turned up to complaint about the stance Helston Town Council had taken over A-boards. The spokesperson of the traders group handed over a petition that had around 1200 signatures.

Normally, there is only 15 minutes for public participation, but credit should be given to the Mayor who extended this. In fact public participation took just over 45 minutes.  I believe everyone who wished to speak did so. They all spoke with passion and made very sensible points. One trader said work with us (traders) not against us.

Now what will happen is a meeting will take place between the Cornwall Councillors, the Town Council, representatives of Helston’s businesses and Cornwall Council. Furthermore, no clean sweep will take place until this meeting has taken place, nor I think will it happen in the future. Unless it is in the public interest, and all parties agree.

Last night we saw democracy at work.

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