The March of Academy Schools in Cornwall

The number of academy schools in Cornwall has reached 50 (18% of schools). This either by the school taking on the lead and converting, or schools having to convert due to Ofsted. I can see the conversion rate rising due to the changes in Ofsted inspections.

Out of the 50* schools which are now converted the split is as follows:

  • 34 primary (includes infant and junior) which equates to 14% of this school type
  • 15 secondary which equates to 48% of secondary schools
  • The actual number of children who are being educated under the academy system is as follows:

  • Primary – 8416 pupils (22%)
  • Secondary – 17,339 pupils (58%)
  • This makes the total number of our children and young people in the academy education system to be 25,886 which is 37% of all pupils.

    * Not including the PRUs (short stay) and includes one special school

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    • Ros Cox

      Hi Andrew,
      i welcome your research on Academy schools in Cornwall. Delve a little deeper and investigate the role of “advisors” from the county. Did they have quota of schools that were”hard to shift” and did Academy status bring in extra funding to make improvement, possible?

      I write as a former governor of a school in Truro where the county advisors assured the governors that progress was “satisfactory” for the year before the OFSTED inspection which put the school into special measures. The head was bought off with a compromise agreement, a good teacher lost to the profession. I resigned as chair of govenors with the rest of the governing body. Surely the advisors should have received some sort of rebuke for their inaccurate advice but they got away scot free.

      The school attained academy status, new uniforms were given to all children from a local business, and afer a year with an interim head a new headmaster was appointed.

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