The Leader Survives, But By How Many Votes?

Regular readers of this blog will no doubt know there has been “Trouble at Mill” within the Conservative party at Cornwall Council. Tonight at their AGM this trouble has been sorted, at least for the time being.

There was indeed a challenge to Alec Roberson’s leadership and this was by Fiona Ferguson. A vote was taken and Alec won. Not sure on the number split, but it must have been close, as if it was by a large margin it would have been released to shore-up and reaffirm his strong position of leader. One can only guess (at this time) the numbers

What now must happen is the opposing camps must try and find common ground to at least work together. This is a must for not only the other Councillors at Cornwall Council, but for the people of Cornwall. I hope we do not see any retaliatory strikes from either camp, especially from the winners, as this would do much harm to the working of the Council.

It will be very interesting to see if any changes are made to the Cabinet at Cornwall Council’s AGM, and in the following weeks, to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the various Committees. If there are any ‘forced’ changes to any of these positions there may well be trouble ahead

UPDATE: Sources say (though I cannot confirm them) the vote was 24 to Alec, 18 to Fiona. That if true is a very close result. It will no doubt raise further questions in the coming months

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  • Robb Frost

    Meet the new boss same as the old boss
    the only people who loose are the ordinary man ,woman and child of this county who will continue to pay the price for this dictatorship we have at county hall, hope you all enjoy your blood money

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