The Launch of Kernow King’s Sex Education Video

As I said in my earlier blog this morning, today was the launch of Cornwall’s sexual health video. This took place at the Union Building at the Cornwall College Camborne campus. Those gathered included students, professionals from the various organisations involved with the project, and some media (thanks Heart FM for turning up, and Pirate FM and BBC Radio Cornwall for running the story).

 Those gathered were shown the full 20 minute film, and handed the educational material that goes with this film. It is important to say this is a two-part programme with the film and then the training material for the actual discussion with the young people.



The training material that goes with the film

I would say this, but the launch of the film was a great success with laughter coming from the assembled crowd.  More importantly, the message the film was trying to deliver came through in a clear, informative, and in a humorous way. Everyone gathered loved the film, especially the students who this filmed is aimed at. The film does not try to lecture; it plays out a scenario that most young people could face. And as the scenario plays out, the film gives clear information on what a young person can do if they are at all worried about sexual health.

Those involved with the making of the film, and those who are supporting this film, should be very proud of the joint working and excellent educational material that has been produced. I am looking forward to seeing more groundbreaking ways of delivering information on RSE in Cornwall.

Lastly (I am always willing to laugh at myself  which is why I am including this in the blog) I made a comment on taking one of the ‘lollipops’ for ‘the Boy’. These lollipops were scattered on the table amongst pens, information material and small sweets. However, the lollipops turned out to be condoms-on-a-stick. It might have been ok if I said this comment to myself, but I said it in front of everyone, including Kernow King. Who then went on to tweet it with the picture below with much merriment from those gathered. For information ‘the Boy’ is my son and he’s 11.

Kernow King (@Kernow_King)
25/06/2014 16:59Premier of the kk sex tape made by @themotionfarm Highlight was @CllrAWallis picking up a “lollipop” for his son!
Me and the 'lollypop'

Me and the ‘lollipop’

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