The Last Days of the Mo

Yes it is that time, and after a month of growing the ‘tache for Movember, here is the final specimen (don’t look if you are faint-hearted).  It was good to see so many men take part this year; as it was like being transported back to the 1970’s with so many moustaches on show. More so at the various council buildings I have been to in the last month. There are really some fantastic (yes RW including yours) attempts!

You can still (please) donate by clicking HERE. The Cornwall Council Misfits which includes Scott Mann and Richard Fedorowicz has so far raised £307. Which is fantastic news and I hope we will increase this if some more very kind people donate in the next few days. Thank you to all who have donated to this worthy cause.

Now for the scary pictures!

The last day of the Mo





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