The King is Dead, Long Live the King (Queen)?

Politics would not be politics without rumour, counter-rumour and talks of a crisis in the system or the leadership. Cornwall Council is not immune to this carry-on, and if anything is to be believed the old saying of “trouble at the mill” might be rather apt.

From my own experience; any position of leadership is a difficult affair, as there are many pitfalls or blind alleys to avoid if your leadership is to be a success. Whilst you are fulfilling the role, you also have to contend with people who might push you into that pit or blind alley and take the crown.

Wednesday 27th is to most a normal day, but for those at Cornwall Council who belong to the Conservative group it could be the final battle in the rumoured internal civil war. The Conservatives of Cornwall Council are having their AGM and in normal circumstances the current leader gets the nod to continue as a mere formality. This year it will not be a formality, as if the rumours are correct, a challenge will happen. If you were a betting person then you might pass this bet because the numbers are rather tight regarding who will be the victor.

To win the title you need support from twenty-four members of the group, that is if all the members turn up. It will get trickier as to who will win as if there is not a full complement, it will then come down to how many of the rival camps turns up. This point is in my opinion the key to who will win.

What happens If the current leader survives? A further issue they may face is the number of his group who did not support him. If it is a low number then this could be passed off rather easily. The difficult part will be if, as I envisage, the number of anti’s is large, it then might be a little harder to pass off.

You may wonder why I am even blogging about this issue as I am not in the Conservative group, and this whole episode could be seen as an internal bun-fight. If only it were that simple, but as the Council is halfway though the electoral term and if any leadership change happens we could see Cornwall Council move in a different direction. In turn, this could have an impact on lives of the 550,000 people of Cornwall.

I for one will be interested in hearing the news from this AGM and who has carried the day.


  • Anonymous

    A new direction is just what is needed
    And a council that purts the people first not itself fat chance of ethier happening, more of the me me me attitude that fills the corridors of toad hall the sweet stench of I'm alright jack . Time every single member to take on board you are there to serve the people not the other way round

  • CornwallNews

    There is a charisma deficit at the top of Cornwall Council that must be put right. Cornwall's Councillors and their Leader should be more than just handmaidens to civil servants – they shouldn't be behaving like just another layer of ponderous dull bureaucracy.
    Where's the FIRE IN THE BELLY?
    There needs to be far less kowtowing, cap doffing and pathetic forelock tugging to and order-taking from London and, instead, far greater and forthright willingness to stand up, speak and fight for the people of The Celtic Nation And Duchy Of Cornwall.
    With our compliments,
    The Editors,

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