The Incinerator – What Next?

News reached Cornwall Council that the High Court legal challenge against the Sec of State, Eric Pickles granting planning permission for the CERC (incinerator) in St Dennis has been upheld.

As yet, the full ruling has not been released. It is rumoured that the Judges decision will be available in full this coming Tuesday or Wednesday. This cannot come sooner for Cornwall Council because of the cost implications on the tax payer.

Those residents in St Dennis are no doubt cock-a-hoop on this decision as they have fought a long campaign against this incinerator. The question is, how will this effect everyone else in Cornwall?

Disposing of our waste has to go somewhere and our current landfill provision will soon run out. So what options do the council now have? This in itself is a interesting question because there has never been a plan B on the table.

I know a plan B was suggested at many of the Waste Panels I attended, but nothing was ever drawn up. I feel not having a plan B was an oversight, and one that is now likely to bit us tax payers in the bum.

The trouble will any waste incinerator is no matter where you place it, the local population will be against it. Yesterdays decision just shows that when a local population gets together for a common purpose anything can happen. Who would have thought this small settlement of St Dennis would take on the might of the Sec of State, Cornwall Council and SITA and win.

But, what will be the cost of that win?

I have though asked for an urgent briefing to be held as soon as possible for all Councillors spelling out the current, and more importantly, the future position of the council.


  • Anonymous

    "So what options do the council now have?"

    Speak to the people at St Dennis. They have done a huge amount of research on the latest technology and modern options for waste disposal.

  • Anonymous

    Yet again there was a huge amount of 'we know best' arrogance from Cornwall Council. St Dennis was never the right place, but its more important to CC not to lose face than it is to do the right thing and now its come back to bite them.

  • Anonymous

    It is worth remembering it had been proposed the incinerator be built at Victoria and Nanpean previously. The planners really need to do their homework more thoroughly. Nobody is denying landfill can go on forever.There are smaller more energy efficient incinerators which would be better located near towns and cities to cut down on cost and fuel emissions from vehicles transporting the waste. Tougher measures from the government to ensure manufacturers use less packaging wouldn't go amiss either.

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