The Good Ideas Club

What is the Good Ideas Club you may ask, well its also known as the Cabinet of a Council. In Cornwall Councils its made up of 10 people who have certain roles (Portfolios) like those in a Cabinet of the Government. ( I won’t bore you on how it works as you may lose the will to live.)

So here we were today for the Monthly meeting the Club (I will call it by this name from now). Their agenda for this was long, a little too long in my opinion, but 10 am it started. They talked, a little too long some may say, about lots of issues, but the key one I am “blogging” about was on the “Call in” of the decision by the Club on the Council’s Severance Policy (I blogged about this a few days ago).

What would the Club do, would it take on the points from the Scrutiny Committee and look into its decision again? Did they? Did they heckers like! They made a statement along the lines of a teacher giving a gold star out to a child who did some good work, but then totally ignore the actual content of the work.

This was the first test on how the Club would react to a “Call in” and from what I witnessed did not make the right decision or even consider the points raised by Scrutiny. Others may disagree, but they aren’t writing this blog.

So, why am I talking about this, well the new Policy will have a direct effect on all staff who may have the misfortune of actually having to go though the ordeal of Severance. I don’t think the process and engagement of arriving at this conclusion was fully explored to its full potential. I have the feeling some staff will feel a little aggrieved.

I could be wrong, but that’s up for others to decide. I am just a Back Bencher who is not in the Club.


  • Tech

    Frustrating when people do that isn't? Now what does it remind me of?

    Oh yes, as tweeted by a member of the select committee who also get ignored by those higher up.

  • Anonymous

    I cant say that I am a fan of the 4 x salary severance payouts that some of the ex district management staff received, think that the new policy is easier on the taxpayers purse and more like the policies for those not in local government (or other public service) but bringing this policy in now is completely unfair on those services that have yet to go through their transformation, i.e. Childrens services, Adult Services and HR. It seems that if you were in one of those services that were transformed early, and voluntered to accept redundancy you were in luck (in more ways than one!) The point of your blog is the real issue here though, what is the point of a Scrutiny Committee if you are not going to listen to their point of view – democracy, yeah right!

  • Anonymous

    Oh so I totally agree with the earlier comments – what price democracy and maybe the actual power behind the decision making process of cabinet is being seen at last!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ah right, this thread falls into place too now….at the end of the day, staff who have to compete for their own jobs in the future structures, well if they are any good at their jobs now, they shouldn't have anything to worry about. It's time staff stopped looking back at their mistakes/looking over their shoulders and started raising their profiles and making a difference, or else does the Council of the future want them anyway…?aka, a good opportunity to clear some more dead wood…it has my vote.

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