The Future of Waste Collection in Cornwall

This evening I attended the Waste Development Advisory Panel as a non Panel Member (no vote). The main item on the Agenda was the future of how our waste is collected in Cornwall from April 2012. In the report were lots of details on the different methods of collection.

Before you get excited on what was discussed, or the conclusion I can’t tell you, as the whole meeting was in closed session. In other words, I am not allowed by law to discuss anything that was said in this meeting. It will though become public knowledge when the recommendations are presented to Cornwall Council’s Cabinet. This might not be a long wait, as these details could be on the Cabinets Agenda at the end of January, or the beginning of Feburary.

Guess you will have to wait till then.


Thought I would add a little more to this blog after a couple of comments on Twitter. The reason I did blog was why we still have to do some of our business behind closed doors. Most of the information tonight was not commercially sensitive, but more about the costings of certain methods. I felt I would inform that this meeting was takingplace, but could not discuss it. I would rather everything was in the open when spending tax payers money, but sadly it is not.

Hope that makes for a clear picture

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    Matthew Vernon has left a new comment on your post "The Truro of the Future?":

    Fact. Out of town retail kills high streets and town centres. You will get a city of the future but it will be like all the other cities. Truro will lose its uniqueness and its high street. Residents of Cornwall have happily survived the centuries without huge supermarkets. Yes we need more jobs but we need to think off the beaten path so as to retain Cornwalls personality and charm. Why follow the blue print of all the other towns and cities around the country for a swimming pool and roads, is the sacrifice of our beautiful city centre worth these?Is it really a hardship for people to drive from Truro to Penryn Asdas(20 mins at the most). Do we not feel ashamed that we have become so dependant on one supermarket? Are we no longer capable of thinking for ourselves or has the human race developed an addiction to uniformity and convenience at the sacrifice individuality and Cornish independence? Every commitment comes at a cost, what will these proposals cost us as a community, a city and a county?

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