The Future of a Post Office Provision in Porthleven

The imminent closure of the Post Office provision will impact on many residents and visitors alike. The question being asked is what happens next.

Since it was clear the current operation would stop, I have been working with the main Post Office to find a solution. Things might seem have been quiet, but this is in part due to the legal conditions the main post office has to operate. Namely, they are not allowed to approach another business whilst a current provision is in operation due to contractual reasons. I wish it was different, but these are the rules the PO has to follow. Once the current operation has ceased or the term of notice is ended, the main body can talk to others who may  be interested in taking on the full function or parts of it. Be rest assured conversations will take place with possible options.

The good news is there will be some sort of Post Office provision in Porthleven. However, it is unlikely we will see what is currently offered replicated. As to where a new facility could potentially go rests on a very important factor. A willing business, space to provide a certain level of service, and a future operator of a Post Office function has to have a separate business income to support the operation.  As the model of Post Offices do not work in a stand-alone function. So placing a function in a chapel/church/village hall is not viable and would very unlikely get approval from the main PO. I have had many conversations with the main body about all options and they were quite clear on future requirements.

In the meantime, or if an permanent home cannot be arranged, Porthleven will have a mobile function to deliver a range of services. The level, and frequency of the visits are still being finalised. But assurances from the PO say a mobile function will operate, but there might be a few weeks in between the current and future provision.

Concern has been raised on the ability of electric key-charging facilities. Unless someone takes on a key-charging contract (which is separate to the Post Office function) there will be no key-charging in Porthleven. However, I have had a conversations at an alternative location which I am hopeful will progress.

I am not trying to be cryptic, but there are still a few things that need to be clarified and I am hopeful these will all be addressed in the next few weeks. As I do not want to give information that is not fully approved.

Once I have more information, I will let everyone know.


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