The full membership of Cornwall Council to decide on the CEO position

At the first meeting of the new administrations Cabinet, there was a discussion on the appointment (or not) of the role of CEO. Since the last CEO left to the antipodes, Cornwall Council has had an interim CEO.  

The steer the Cabinet gave is to say the decision on whether or not to appoint a CEO is taken sooner rather than later. I made the point during the debate is if the full membership agrees to appoint a Chief Officers Panel and looks for a CEO this should be done fully. Therefore I would expect the panel to look just not internally within the Council, but external too. This way even if we do appoint an internal candidate, we can be assured we have done a through job in finding the right candidate for the Council and Cornwall.

This decision is not for the Cabinet to make, but for the entire membership to decide. All the Cabinet can do is give a steer.The full debate on this issue will be at July’s meeting of the full council.

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