The Ferry

 Monday was a day for big decisions. The Strategic Planning Committee (me being a member of it) had the unenviable task of deciding the proposed planning for a new terminal and other assorted items for the Isle of Scilly Link. (I posted about this a few days ago when I attended the Public Meeting).

Many of the speakers who spoke at the Public Meeting were present. Some there as spectators, others to speak (limited to 3 mins). The Committee Councillors then asked various questions (i personally asked many)

After about 5 hours of discussion it was time to make a decision. Do we reject or pass. Many of the Committee argued both ways. It was going to be a close vote. The  local Cornwall Councillors seemed to favour rejection. I called for a recorded vote.

The vote was 12-7 in favour of rejection. The Public cheered at the result. Did we make the right choice? I guess time will tell. There is a possibility that over £40 million worth of funding could be lost or the link moves out of Penzance all together. (no confirmation on either)

Penzance Harbour Story
BBC News – Ferry 

People said it was a day for local democracy and common sense in rejecting these plans. What happens if the money or link does indeed leave. Is that a price worth paying to protect a historic harbour?

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