The End Of The Week

Friday is here and I am home after a long and interesting week to say the least. The main part of my day was spent attending the Planning Policy Panel. This Panel is set up to look at Planning and the Policy around it (the name sort of gives it away).

Today’s two main items were on the Area Action Plan (AAP) for Camborne, Redruth, Pool and Illogan. This plan was first started when I was at Kerrier District Council. I have to say I have not had anything to do with this plan since I have been at Cornwall Council. Anyway, the main point to this is they are planning on places near 9,000 homes and 20,000sq m  of retail space in these areas by 2026. From what I understand various groups like this or don’t. This plan has come out of the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) plan set by Central Government. Its a sort of Chicken and Egg scenario, do you build the homes to attract the industry or have the industry to fill the homes. I get the feeling that want to herd us all into the towns without the thought of the small local communities that are prevalent in Cornwall

The second part was on sites for Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Show People and the need for a Policy in finding new sites for them. This is one of those subjects that no-one really wants to handle as you can bet your last £1 no matter where you place it you are going to get a mighty uproar from the Community that’s is placed near. I remember when there was a idea to place one in Leedstown. Before you could say Petition there was one doing the rounds with all sorts of Public Meetings  planned to fight it. Nothing came of the plan, but that does not mean the issue has gone away.

The issue has not gone away and it needs tackling. Its how you are going to tackle it is the problem. I have no answer for that, and if I am honest I am glad I am not the one who is dealing with it. They used to have some sites identified many years ago, but I am not sure if they are still suitable. I guess they will wait to see what land could be sold  for this issue and then look into developing it for that purpose. I am sure the first call the local people will be making if there area is identified is to their Councillor!

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