The End of the Cattle Market Building

It is always a shame to see a building being knocked down, especially one that has a long history. The building in question is the former cattle market in Helston. The buildings value in money terms or architecturally are minimal, but history is worth more than just bricks and mortar.

This site was before the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001 a small, but busy cattle market. You could say it was the market that still made Helston a market town. Foot and Mouth killed off that market in one quick swing. The market never recovered, and in the preceding years the building has been nothing more than storage until the farmers market used it as a wet weather venue.

Yesterday I was invited as Division Member of the area to watch the first stage of demolition before the new building is constructed. The best news is this building will be home to the successful farmers market. This will continue the long tradition of Helston having a market. To completement the market it is hoped other small businesses will take up leases in the offices above.

This whole project is down to the South Kerrier Alliance who during the last few years has worked extremely hard to gather near £1.8 million in funding for this new building.

The end of one building will allow the construction of a new building that is fit for the 21st Century. This building should be completed by March 2012.

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