The end of Movember 2013 (or is it)

Movember has now finished with the passing of November and we enter December. Like years before, it is time to ‘judge’ my attempt of growing a tache with this! Faint-hearted or those easily frightened please do not proceed any further.


The tache for 2013!

I have to say (of course I would) this years attempt is my best yet. It is also a year of firsts, as I had my first foray into using moustache wax and ‘styling’ the darn thing! Believe me you enter a whole different world with moustache wax.

Now we are in December, I should by all accounts shave the tache off. However, and like previous years, one actually grows rather fond of the tache for reasons I really cannot explain. So I might break with protocol and keep the tache!

Fear not – or I should say fear – I am growing a beard in December for Decembeard.  However, this is because I really want to try at having some decent handle-bars for my moustache.  After all, I do have loads of wax to use.


Decembeard anyone?

Finally, a huge thank you to all who sponsored me, supported me, or laughed at me. Either way it got people talking and helped raised the important issue of men’s health.

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