The Dangers of a Missing L

Typos, the bane of one’s life. I think we have all suffered from them at one point or another. Some like me, probably more than we would like. I have recently made a rather ‘excellent typo, Andy‘ as said by the Mayor of Porthleven in reply to an email. However, this typo is not in the same league as one last year printed in the Helston edition of  The Packet newspaper, who missed a very important vowel out of the Countess of Wessex. I will though spare her blushes and not mention her name.

My typo was about an email reminder to all members of the Porthleven Diamond Jubilee working party of a forthcoming meeting. The email is as follow’s:

Hi All,

Just a reminder for the Porthleven Jubilee meeting that is taking place on Wednesday 25th at 7:30pm. Location is the town council offices (back of cock tower)

See you there.


As you can imagine I have had many  responses about the missing L, who all found it funny, and no doubt will remind me many times at tonight’s meeting. You got to laugh, especially at yourself now and again.




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