The Cuts at Cornwall Council

Yesterday we had our first Budget under the new Coalition Government. Depending on your political view point you agree, disagree, or you just want to know how much money you might lose once you made sense of all the figures.

Cornwall Council has already been informed by the Government of further cuts.  These amount to £13.668 million in Government grants, and include both capitol and revenue grants. That’s quite a chunk of money to lose in anyone’s books

It could get worse. We could expect a further 20%-25%  in grant cuts as announced yesterday in the Budget.  That’s not to mention the spending reviews taking place by the Government of  Isle of Scilly Link, Building Schools for Future and road improvements over at Camborne/Pool. It is worrying to say the least.

Tough times are indeed ahead.


  • Anonymous

    It is especially worrying for Cornwall Council which has had most of its fat trimmed already. In Westminster we can all name departments/ services/spending and jobs that can be cut whilst keeping government functioning. However it is hard to see equilvilants at Cornwall Council. It will be interesting to see what the council can do about this. And as a side point the whole fact that local authority funding is being slashed makes a mockery of the coalitons offer to freeze council tax, causality at its worst.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm cut central funding but allow councils to raise council tax – how would that help then?

    Personally I am all for it it will hurt in the short term but I think that it will make the difference between me retiring in relative comfort in 10=15 years time or being on the bread line.

    You cant spend what you haven't got, business goes through major cost cutting exercises all the time – why should councils be exempt.

    Andrew aside 🙂 there is a culture in councils that believes that having a meeting (with x secretaries and y hangers on) is "doing work" this has got to stop. There are plenty of quangos that might be "nice to have" but then we would all like to fund every good cause – but we have to make hard decisions – thee have to go. Its a bit like NICE saying you can't have a particular expensive drug because the money saved could treat 100 people with a less expensive one – harsh but thats economics.

    Savings will be made and jobs will go but then a jobs for life culture is not one that we can afford either, and jobs go in the private sector every day.

    Tighten the belt and weather it out – we'll all benefit in the long run.

  • Anonymous

    Here are a few suggestions for you, Andrew:
    1. Cut all Council funded salaries over £12,000 by 20%.
    2. Impose an upper limit of five times the average wage in Cornwall
    3. Slim down the planning department and stop it from putting artificial obstacles in the way of domestic renewable energy installations.
    4. Stop wasting money on plastic bags for recycling. Instead supply each household with 4 colour coded cheap plastic boxes for the same purpose. Btw, the refuse service is extremely inefficient in Cornwall and could be cut to just two collections per month.

    I am sure you can think of many more, but its a start.

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