The Council Tax Budget for 2013/14

Details have been released of the Cabinets proposals for the Council Tax and the council’s draft budget for 2013/14. It is set by the Cabinet, but it is approved by the full membership of the council. To remind you, last years Council Tax was set without any increase.

This year, the Council Tax has been recommended for a 1.97% increase. That is 42p per week, or £21.84 per year on a Band C dwelling. Any rise tends to be met with uproar from many corners of the electorate. But does the council have much choice after receiving more cuts in the formula grant from the Government? This time, at least £18 million. That is on top of the previous years reductions.

Furthermore, the report is also recommending a 5% increase for the 2014/15 period and 1.97% increase for 2016/17. These increase will have to be approved by the new council and administration, and the 5% increase would be subject to a referendum.

These details are just the headline figures, as I have not had chance to study the draft budget in full. But I would be interested to hear in what you had to say before I have to vote for this, or any other recommendation put forward in early Feb.


  • anonymouse

    I suppose th 20% pay rise you have voted for yourself doesn’t make us any worse off then.

    We should practice democracy and not vote for any of the hypocrits who voted this outrageous rise for themselves. Getting these lot out of office may make the next lot think twice before they do this again.

  • worried worker

    I have no problem with an increase in Council Tax providing
    it goes to areas of need…i.e. NOT making NCH look like a fancy
    travel lodge, NOT dishing out Ipads to every manager just so they
    can play with a new toy, NOT shuffling employees round from office
    to office in an endless dance. We *don’t* need to sell off huge
    chunks of staff, we need management to stop their short-sighted and
    expensive pet projects.

  • Anonymous

    What, no comment from mick martyn or Gill Martin, that’s

  • mick martyn

    Good morning Anonymous, i hadnt realised that i had a cult
    following on here, maybe i should set up my own blog – Micks
    Mumblings. Anyway in all seriousness i think Andrew is doing a
    great job with his blog, giving the electorate the opportunity to
    debate politics etc relating to the council with member involvement
    too – i would love to see more members doing the same. Back to the
    topic in hand, you would expect me to be anything other than
    contriversial so i won’t disappoint – – Andrew is spot on, Councils
    are finding it more and more difficult to deliver services with
    less money to fund them so have to either stop poroviding or reduce
    service levels or ask us public to pay more for them if we want
    them maintained – – however the missing link here for me is if the
    big strategic partnership gone ahead (which Andrew led the campaign
    against) where there were huge savings guaranteed by BT (so even if
    they didnt make them in the areas they said they would still have
    to cough up) sureley we would need this council tax rise or such
    steep ones for years to come, so is it the case that the members
    who have now chucked out the big deal by default are passing that
    problem on to all of us and saying you pay the money instead!!!! i
    wonder how many of the 60000 that signed the petition would have
    signed it if they knew this was the case – great politics gone

  • mick martyn

    ….just re read previous post (typed in haste before i go
    job hunting), apologies for the typos but i’m sure you get the

  • worried worker

    “i wonder how many of the 60000 that signed the petition
    would have signed it if they knew this was the case” – – – –

  • anonymouse

    What they need to do is stop awarding themselves a 20% pay rise – god i wish i could do that….

    We need to vote with our feet and make sure that those councillors who voted this in are voted out themselves. it wont stop the pay rise but it may stop the next bunch from doing the same.

    Democracy means taking a stand against issues like this.

  • worried worker

    Anonymouse, you make it sound like a regular occurrence. Do
    you think YOU could live off a members current wage?

  • mick martyn

    Anonymouse i 100% agree with you, members who voted for it will cover themselves by saying that it wasnt them that proposed it but they could have still voted against it!!!

    worried worker the money paid to members isnt meant for someone to live off it is for them to be a councillor which isnt a full time job but obviously some devote more time to it than others – i would question how much of that time is really on issues that they need to be spending their time on and how much is just makeing themselves look good (sometimes), some of the better members also hold down jobs and do much more for their electorate than some who dont.

    so….if they voted against a pay rise for themselves and voted for the strategic partnership maybe we could have had a council tax reduction – now there is a vote winner!!

    roll on may and get the big ego’s out

  • Anonymous

    mick martyn one minute you say Andrew is doing a great job
    with his blog then the next agreeing with anonymouse and saying
    about not voting for those that voted for the pay rise, bla bla
    bla, well i would have told you before but i couldnt get on the
    computer as it belongs in an office of some description and i have
    to share it with a few hundred other people, but Andrew was one of
    those that voted for the pay rise which i am against also, so if
    you don’t want him voted for next time how will he do his blog for
    you to read. No blog, no mick martyns comments no Gill Martins
    comments, no pay rise, thats good.

  • mick martyn

    Anonymous, i think you have lost the plot… point re
    Andrews blog is that i think it is a great way to engage with
    people like us thats not because it is Andrews blog, quite frankly
    i dont care which member decides to host it and this has nothing to
    do with voting for/against members pay rises.

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