The Community Has Lost a Real Servant

It was very said to hear that Cllr Mike Clayton passed away on Monday morning. The people of Cornwall and the Council have lost a true servant. I first met Mike many years ago, and I can say he is the one who got me into politics after a planning site meeting in Porthleven in which I was making a point in my usual way.

He was also the first to congratulate me on my election to Kerrier District Council and took me under his wing in the early days. I was always willing to listen to any advice Mike gave. He was one of the few people I have met in politics who’s advice was worth listening to. He always called me ‘kid’ and I liked that term. To me he was like that favourite teacher you had. Not always agreeing with his every point, but understanding and respecting his side of the discussion.

Mike had his faults; the biggest one was not switching on his hearing aid. He thought he never needed one, but we all knew he did. However, his attention to detail was legendary, especially in planning. He wrote copious amount of notes for every meeting, and when he made a comment you knew he had researched the subject.

I for one will greatly miss Mike.

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