The Changing of the Guard

The Leader of the Council has taken the bold decision to make wholesale changes to his Cabinet. Only time will tell if these changes go down well with the backbenchers of Cornwall Council.

The new Cabinet is as follows:
Leader of the Council – Alec Robertson
Corporate Resources – Jim Currie
Waste Management / Climate Change – Julian German
and Historic Environment
Transportation and Highways – Graeme Hicks
Adult Care and Support – Armand Toms
Children’s Services – Neil Burden
Housing and Planning – Mark Kaczmarek
Economy and Regeneration – Chris Ridgers
Health & Wellbeing and Human Resources – Carolyn Rule
Localism and Devolution – Ray Tovey

The four new Cabinet Support Members are:
Alternative Service Delivery & Shared Services – Steve Double
Culture and Leisure – Joan Symons
Public Protection – Lance Kennedy
Education – Independent Group vacancy

Out of the Cabinet are Joan Symons and Lance Kennedy who have been ‘demoted’ to Cabinet Support Member. In are Ray Tovey and Chris Ridgers. What has surprised me the most is the removal of Carolyn Rule from the Economy Portfolio. I for one thought she was doing a great job, especially in this difficult economic climate. And to those who have followed the recent Leadership battle there is (surprisingly) no role for Fiona Ferguson.

No doubt for the next couple of days there will be lot of thinking (or plotting) from the various corners of the Council. Tuesdays Full Council and AGM is going to be interesting and is certainly worth watching on the web-cast.


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