The Chairman of Cornwall Council’s Councillors versus Officers Cricket Match 2014

On Friday, the annual Chairman of Cornwall Council’s councillors versus officers cricket match took place. This game was kindly hosted by Truro Cricket Club who bravely let a bunch of rank-amateurs loose on their hallowed wicket. Unlike last year, when the councillors were soundly beaten, this year the councillor’s team lost by two wickets in a 25 overs match. Considering only two of the councillor’s team actually play the game – unlike most of the officers team – I am going to take this as a good result!

There are actually two parts to this event. The first is a bake and sale event in which homemade cakes are brought in, judged and sold. The other is the cricket match. As with all events, there is also a raffle. For this charity event, the Chairman wanted to support the Invictus Trust; a charity supporting teenagers with mental health issues. The event raised a whopping £714.95. This is a staggering amount raised in one day.

The event would not be the success it is without the support of those members of staff who baked cakes, sold raffle tickets and generally helped out. So huge thanks should go to: Jacquie, Sarah, Vicky, Nicky, Wendy, Mandy, Jane, Helen and Elaine (no doubt I will leave a name or two out and get in trouble!) who helped make this event a success.

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