The Caviar Train Keeps Rolling

The fallout in the continuing saga of consultants at Cornwall Council continues to roll on like the preverbal snowball rolling down the hill. I am really getting really fed up with amounts we are still paying. On one hand I was asked to support cuts to the budget because of the difficult times we live in. In the end I reluctantly supported these cuts because of the severe reduction in grants from central government.
Now, I am wondering why I did, especially when you find out that we are spending millions (10s over the year) in a few short months on consultants. People are losing their jobs, not just at the council, but in all public sector jobs in Cornwall. Last year 256 people lost their jobs at Cornwall Council (outside of schools). This year a further 360 posts are to go. This might not seem a high amount until you add the 1657 post currently vacant. Near two-thousand posts lost or not filled. This shortfall of staff adds more pressure to the remaining staff.
Consultants no matter what skills they bring hardly contribute to the Cornish economy. Most will live outside of the county (and country), therefore the majority of fees paid to them will not be spent in the Cornish economy. At least by employing staff the money stays in Cornwall.
It seems the only growth sector at Cornwall Council is consultants. It is not as much as a gravy train, but caviar trains.   


  • David Edwards

    It may be of use to state the source of this info. Im assuming its form the figures that are on the council website at least its a good thing that these figures are now being published. Its also interesting to look into the detail.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    The accounts do make interesting reading. Was going through them last night. Thanks for adding the link.

  • Michael Clarke

    Where on earth have Consultants/think tanks etc got us ?how did we manage so well without these unelected quangos Rusty Guarantee Cameron promised a bonfire of these unelected unwanted quangos ,perhaps he will deliver on 5/11/2013,we should be told exactly where our hard earned money goes,people who need consultants are probably in the wrong job so I hope CC will tell us where every penny goes and to whom it goes to so that we can judge for ourselves

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