The Brook Bitesize programme dealing with relationships and sex

This week I attended and took part in the Brook Bitesize Outreach programme at Hayle School. What is the Bitesize programme? The answer is it delivers Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) sessions in formal and informal settings.

This programme covers many subjects that explores relationships and sexuality in a way that encourages young people to examine their own attitudes and values on the subject. It aims to help young people to interpret the range of messages (and myths) they receive and provides them with reliable, factual information, giving them the knowledge and the skills required to negotiate positive relationships and to enjoy good physical and emotional health as a result.

I found this programme to be fantastically delivered and more importantly, in a way that engaged the Year 11 students who were taking part in the programme. The programme covered the use of condoms and how to use them correctly; STDs and the impact on not being safe, or if you have an STD making sure you receive the right treatment; the use of alcohol; and the correct usage of words and expressions that have all too often been used negatively.

The last 45 minutes of the programme was given over to questions. These were asked anonymously, but tackled all subjects. And I mean all subjects. It was great to hear these questions being asked and answered in a very positive and to the point manner. It certainly gave me confidence in the right information being given to these students. 

By having programmes giving good and up to date Relationship and Sex Education – like the Brook programme –  we can make sure our  young adults have the right and up-to-date information that allows them to make informed choices. Which is something as a parent and Lead Member for Children and Young People I totally endorse.

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