The Battle of the A-Boards

I sometimes really struggle with the logic that Helston Town Council show. On one hand they try to support businesses, but then almost instantly, score a huge own goal.
Credit should be given to Helston Town Council for helping with the setting up of the parking fee reimbursement scheme. Though most of the work in setting up the scheme was rightly done by the businesses; the town council did offer support.

Then, during last months town council meeting they called for the removal of signage from the roadside and in turn all the A-boards in Helston. I was there, and I was stunned they were indeed going down this path. More stunned, as this topic was not even an item agenda, and should not have been debated.

A letter from the town council was sent to businesses saying they could be removed. Another flaw in the plan with this letter is the clean sweep can only be carried out by Cornwall Council. Cornwall Council will only carry out a clean sweep if there is overwhelming support from all parties, and is in the public interest.
The businesses of Helston are furious, and have contacted me and my fellow Helston Cornwall Councillor, Judith Haycock for help in stopping this. Both Judith and I think this heavy handed approach by the town council is not in the public interest, and we have both said publicly that we will not support a clean sweep until all sides have met.
Even after all parties have met I  doubt very much I will support it because I really don’t think the problem is there in the first place. These signs are important to businesses, and removing them is in my opinion, a bad idea. Sure have them sensibly placed, but zero tolerance? No.
At tonight’s Helston Town Council meeting (starts 7:15pm) it could get rather heated as there will be many (if not lots) of business owners and public turning up to express their unhappiness on the idea of a clean sweep. 


  • Gill Martin

    Will they be 'clean sweeping' the 'One Stop Shop' signs that direct people to its out of the way location? I know non commercial entities are exempt from the advertising law, but as they sell garden refuge sacks it does incorporate an aspect of financial gain.

  • Anonymous

    How is it right that, in Mevagissey, a rival cafe is allowed to put his a board outside my business and the council do nothing whilst if I want to put up signage on my building I need planning permission?

    Stewart McNeill

  • Gill Martin

    Possibly because the signage you require comes under a permanent fixture and the board outside your premises is classed as a temporary fixture.

  • Gill Martin

    Hypothetically, if say you or a customer were to trip over the rival cafe's board, then I would imagine they would be prepared to move it to avoid a compensation claim.

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