Temporary Traffic Lights, Newham Farm, Sithney Common Hill – Update

Anyone who has travelled on the Helston to Penzance road would have seen the temporary lights just down from Sithney Common Hill, near Newham Farm. I have been asked – even though it is not within my Division – what is going on and I blogged about it previously: Sithney Common Hill Temporary Lights. However, with the Easter Holidays upon us, there are considerable traffic delays due to the lights. Furthermore, Flora Day is fast approaching and this road is well used, especially as the Porthleven Road is closed.

With this in mind, I have asked for an update on when the work will start and if at all possible, to see if the lights could be removed for Flora Day. Sadly, this cannot happen, as explained in the following email:

“The lane closure along the A394 at Sithney Common Hill was established as a result of a collapse of the section of highway retaining wall. Further cracking of the carriageway exists from the collapsed area down the hill to Newham Lane. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the road is unsupported, the traffic management cannot be removed until the wall has been strengthened.

Since the collapse CORMAC have carried out site investigation and designed the strengthening solution, which involves the construction of an embankment in front of the existing wall. Unfortunately we are unable to rebuild the wall along the existing line as the ground behind would need to be battered back to construct a new wall which would encroach into the opposite carriageway which would require the road to be closed, which is obviously not an option. Additionally there are fibre optic cables immediately behind the wall.

We are currently awaiting the outcome of negotiations between Cornwall Council and the landowner of the farm fields below the wall, to purchase and gain temporary easement of land to construct the proposed embankment. It is hoped that negotiations will be finalised soon enabling construction to commence by the end of April. The works will take approximately 4 months to complete and the traffic management will remain in place for the duration of the works.”

It is not good news, but at least you have an update on the situation.


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