Tell Cornwall Council what you think about your household rubbish and recycling collections

What do you think of the household rubbish and recycling collection? For the majority of people putting out our rubbish at the allotted date is hassle free and works like magic as you put it out and it disappears.

If you did not know, Cornwall Council works with Biffa Environmental Municipal Services (was Cory, but they were aquired Biffa) by to provide rubbish and recycling collections, street and beach cleaning services across Cornwall.


As I said, whilst most have a hassle free service, Cornwall Council would still like to know what you think about the services you receive. The Council therefore would appreciate it if you would complete the short survey (which should take about 10 minutes).

Your responses will help Biffa evaluate and if needs be improve the services they provide here in Cornwall. Plus help Cornwall Council take those views into account on the next waste collection contract.


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