Tea Towels

Sorry I have not “blogged” for a few days, lot’s been going on as your about to find out.

Nothing to do with Cornwall Council, but I attended my son’s School Nativity Play. I was pleased to see some school’s have not sold out to Political Correctness and not tired to do a “lets include all faiths with the hope of not offending anyone” type of play. Also, this school allows parents to film and take pictures! Shock, horror, call the Police!

Anyway, my son was a shepherd. You know the one, checked tea towel on his head with a false beard. A classic and I believe one of life’s right of passages. I feel those who have never been a tea towel wearing shepherd have truly missed something. Anyway, a proud moment in any parents life seeing their child act (in a very lose sense).

My point is when you try and not offend people by going out of the way to do so, you normally end up offending, or make a complete hash of what you are trying to do. This school just tried to do a simple play teaching a simple message and I felt got it completely right.

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