Talking Rubbish – Again

As you may know I sit on CC Strategic Planning Committee. Some people say there should not be this type of Committee as all issues should be dealt this in the Area Committees. Well, I have to disagree. Strategic Planning has its place as long as its used right and not used to circumvent local issues.

Last Thursday we met for what seemed like a fairly simple plan on giving permission to a new Waste Transfer and Recycling Station near Lanson (calling it by its proper name for the enthusiast). The opening parts from the Operators and the Planners was good, if not a little long. It’s always hard to know how long you should spend pitching your ideas or views as to long or to short might lose the point to what you are saying.

Anyway, it came to placing some sort of motion and I happily placed one for consideration. Approval with a few added conditions (Scott Mann seconded). One being that the Operator works towards having a Re-Use part on or near this site. Why, well I fundamentally believe that the best way to recycle is to re-use items. You might have no need for it, or think its junk, but others out there will wonder why you are throwing this away!

This is where the debate got a little stuck. Many on the Committee wanted to MAKE the operator have one. This sounds right, but in Planning you can’t just add items to some ones plans just because you like something that’s not on the Application. Its like you buying a new car that’s red only for the dealer to tell you when picking it up that he wants you to have a blue one and has ordered that.

After much debate my motion got through. It was a joint effort as I took on board small little tweaks to make it better. A sort of combined effort by me, Scott and John Wood. In Planning I have learnt that even the simplest looking plans have the potential for the wheels to come flying off

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