Talking alot of Rubbish

The Waste Panel met today. Now I believe this is one of those difficult panels to be on. It’s like Parking, everyone has an opinion on it and no matter what side you sit on, you think your idea is best.

Full Agenda and Documents (Here).

The main job of this Panel is looking into the shambles that’s been the Incinerator Project for the last several years. It’s been turned into the proverbial political football with all sides unable to reach an agreement.

The Public also have a view. Those who live near the proposed site are unhappy with it being placed there. Some would be happy that a smaller Incinerator was planned; with other areas of Cornwall (West and East) having their own. Others might agree with it because we must do something about our waste, and not just shove it in the ground and forgetting about it.
As I sat listening to those Cllrs and Officers who knew far, far more on this that I do debated the pro’s and con’s of this project. I was startled to discover that the Land Fill Tax we are currently being charged is £72 per metric ton. That’s a staggering amount that we as tax payers are shelling out. It may even rise as Central Government sets this tariff. 

I asked a question on the Recycle Centres (Dumps). I ask why can those items that could be reused by others were not allowed to be taken away. The old saying goes One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Lot’s of these items deposited at these places could be reused and would cut down on it being placed in a hole.  The answer I got was encouraging. The Officer said we are currently  looking at this with the view to allowing it to happen again, but at present we are in contract negotiations and could not discuss this to much. I fully welcome this and hope we can implement this again soon.

What people should do is before they take these items to these Centres is ring up those organisations that collect items and re-distribute to those less fortunate or pop into the local charity shop and ask if they wanted it. That would stop it being placed in a hole and help others that would get a direct benefit out of your junk.

My personal view is that we need some sort of Incinerator that  produces heat and light for homes in Cornwall. The difficult thing is where to place it. No matter where one or several smaller ones are placed those near will I’m sure won’t like it.

Anyway, I am sure you are going to hear a lot more about this Incinerator before any decision is made. Who said Cllr’s always talk a lot of rubbish. (sorry, could not resist the joke)

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