Super-fast Broadband – Who gets it first.

Super-fast Broadband is coming to Cornwall. The real question is what areas will get it first. Today I received an e-mail as to those areas. Sadly its not the Helston and Porthleven area, but I am sure we will get it as soon as possible. The area that are to receive it first are:

Leedstown, Chiverton Cross area, St Agnes, Portreath, St Day, Devoran, Stenalees and Par. These areas will be upgraded at the end of March 2011. These areas are ahead of the first main roll-out that will be in the South East area of Cornwall.  At the end of the day I am very pleased that this is happening in Cornwall. Too many times Cornwall being at the far west of the Country seems to get left out when things are being handed out.

At the end of the day this is good news. I am told that between 80% -90% of all businesses and households will receive this by 2014. The question is, what areas will not be able to receive it and how will this be overcome.

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