Super-fast Broadband is Coming to Porthleven

Last year it was announced that Cornwall would be one of the first areas of the UK to receive super-fast broadband. This could mean many homes and business could receive speeds of up to 100mb. The current average in Cornwall is between 1mb and 10mb.

I blogged before about my disappointment that Porthleven would not be one of the first in Cornwall to receive this service. In fact Porthleven has to rely on the Helston exchange for its current broadband service. So, if Helston is down the pecking order, so is Porthleven.

The exchange in Helston was not due for the super-fast broadband upgrade till 2013. This in my opinion was too long of a wait. Other residents agreed with me because they wrote to me asking for me to push up Porthleven up the waiting list. Whilst I do not have a say in who gets it first, I did make representations to officers at Cornwall Council asking for them to push for Porthleven (and Helston) being higher up on the list.

Today I received an email from a helpful officer who informed me that Porthleven would be able to receive super-fast broadband next year. It is hoped it could be be completed in the first six months, but I have been told it will be by the end of the year.

This is great news for Porthleven, as the current broadband service is a little erratic with speeds varying in different homes; even those who are next door to each other. For instance, I receive an average 4-5mb download speeds, but I know others who fail to get half of that.

I shall keep you informed when I know more.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Andrew
    that's great news. Congratulations for your efforts.
    One question – does that mean that the optic fibre cable will now be routed to Porthleven from the Helston exchange so that businesses in particular will benefit? I called Superfast Cornwall a few months ago for advice on this and they weren't sure whether the fibre optic cable would be continued from Helston? If the stretch from Helston to Porthleven stays as copper wire then the improvements in broadband speed will be far less than most other areas of the county….
    thank you

  • Anonymous

    Andrew we also spoke to one of the superfast engineers and heard similarly that, while superfast broadband may be stated as 'covering' Porthleven – the link between Helston and Porthleven will still be copper wire. If this is true it will greatly diminishing any real benefits of the install on the village. I know the install is a little way down the line but – Is there any way we could find out the a little more on the actual official install plans for the village? Perhaps you could do some digging and post us an update; I would be interested to actually see what we are due to get.


  • Anonymous

    If the link remains as copper wire from the Helston exchange then Porthleven will end up being one of, if not the, largest villages not to have access to the optic cable (and therefore the real benefits of the rollout).
    Porthleven's continuing reliance on the Helston exchange, despite Porthleven's size, may end up being a serious disadvantage for the village.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    I will see what I can find out. I also agree with the reliance on Helston and the likelihood of still using copper. Again, I will investigate this too.


    Any update Andrew?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Nothing as yet, but I do havw a briefing later this month where I hope to have more def details. I was talking to a few people last night at the Cornwall Social Media Cafe who have it already. They say its great, especially the upload speeds.

    I will let you know more as soon as I do

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