Super-fast Broadband – A Reality?

Today the Leader of the Council, Alec Robertson has announced in conjunction with the Chief Exec of BT that a multi-million pound project will be launched that would enable the people of Cornwall access to super-fast broadband.
If this is indeed pulled off, Cornwall I believe will benefit from this technology. Not just in business and industry, but us mere mortals at home. To a lot of people this would enable people to make better use of the internet, or actually be able to access the internet. There are still far too many places in Cornwall that have limited or no access to the current broadband service.
It could also revolutionise the way we watch our favourite programs via the internet. I am a great fan of the TV Company’s sites. With this technology you might really be able to watch something without waiting for the next segment to be loaded.
The real benefit should result in major job creation with the powers-to-be claiming it could result in thousands of jobs being created. But there is a real danger that unless these thousands of job being taken up by those presently residents of Cornwall. House prices could rise.
The simple reason is that there has been a massive premium and shortage of housing that has resulted in over inflated prices. That’s unless we start to build many thousands of homes. This of course would not go down well with many people of Cornwall as Towns would suddenly increase in size. I know how much criticism the previous Government housing strategy came under, and more recently the Wainhomes application in St. Austell.
This question is like the old chicken and egg argument. Do you need houses before jobs, or jobs before houses? That I am afraid, will get you different answers depending on who you speak too.
At the end of the day I do believe Cornwall should get this technology. For far too long we in the very south west have been missed off the list for new shiny objects. Let’s hope this super-fast broadband really happens and we don’t get the old marketing ploy of ‘up-to’ that current ISPs use.

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