Street Cleaning in Doubt?

We all know Cornwall Council is under extreme pressure to save money. The Council is looking into various areas where it could save money. This is to be welcomed as long as it does not affect the service which has seen a budget cut. One of the latest areas that is ear-marked for change is street cleaning.
Street cleaning like waste collection is a fundamental service provided by Cornwall Council. It should carry out this duty to the highest standard. It is what people expect from paying their Council Tax.

A proposal that is being banded around is to carryout only a very basic street clean. But, if a town or parish require a top-up or a premium clean it will have to pay extra for it. It reminds me of the options at a car-wash. The very basic service barely cleans your car, but the super-duper (and costly) option makes your car look like new.

This proposal is just plan wrong. It will lead to a two-tier system where the larger town could have the means to pay for it, but the smaller towns will struggle to precept the money for any ‘extras’. Furthermore, it will look to the public like a double taxation.
I hope that before anyone is even thinking of introducing this all town and parishes must be consulted for their views. The town and parish views are important because they will be the ones who will have to deal with the fallout if this proposal comes into force.

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