Stormy Seas, Waves and the Dangers

It might be stating the bleeding obvious, but standing too close to the water’s edge when the seas are pounding is dangerous not only for yourself, but those who risk their lives to save people who do not take into consideration their actions are not only stupid and are dangerous. No-one is saying you should not wave-watch. I do, and I love the sight of the sea and its unrelenting power. Poets sum it up far better than I can, but it never ceases to amaze me the shear raw power of the seas. It is simply bewitching.


Taken 6th Jan

No matter how bewitching the seas are, if you are to wave-watch, do this from a safe position. If barriers or Coast Guard/Police tape has been erected, do not cross it. You would think I should not be saying this, but these barriers are not put up for fun, they are put up to keep people safe. Sadly and you would think people would realise, I have witnessed people crossing these barriers. Is your life really worth that perfect picture? Furthermore, and this is the almost unbelievable, if someone gives you some advice on not to stand somewhere please listen to them, and not in some cases give any verbal back that you know better.


Porthleven Coast Guard Rescue Team

As if you do not listen, you might end up being rescued by the Members of Porthleven Coast Guard rescue team. Huge credit should go to these volunteers who often risk their lives to keep you and I safe. Well done to you.


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