Storm warning as Storm Doris starts to make an impact on Cornwall

Cornwall Council and the Met Office have today issued a storm warning in reference to Storm Doris. This storm will bring strong winds and heavy rain to Cornwall today, Thursday and during Friday. Cornwall Council is warning residents to be prepared and take precautions where necessary.

The latest information from the MET Office and the Environment Agency is for the wettest weather to move across Cornwall on Thursday, with the highest winds expected on Friday.  There is currently a Met Office weather wind warning in force, for Friday, with the risk of high winds across coasts and hills and large waves along southern coasts.

Porthleven today, Thursday

Porthleven today, Thursday

Between 10 and 40mm of rain are expected to fall on parts of Cornwall on Thursday, with Gale Force 8 winds expected early to mid afternoon, before the wind slowly eases by early evening.

There are two peaks of strong winds expected on Friday –the first arriving late morning to mid-afternoon, followed by the second peak during mid-afternoon to early evening.

The winds will be at their strongest across the Isles of Scilly and the southern coasts of Cornwall, and around hills during these peaks, ranging from Gale Force 8 up to Gale Force 9 on occasions, with gusts of between 50-65mph,and possibly up to 70mph.  These winds may cause some travel disruption – particularly on exposed bridges and high sided vehicles, as well as potential disruption to air and ferry travel  There is also the risk of damage to trees and potential disruption to power supplies, as well as the risk of injury from flying debris , such as bins, bins, fences and trampolines and temporary structures.

The strong winds are likely to be accompanied by large waves, especially around the Isles of Scilly, and the southern coasts of Cornwall, like Porthleven which may present a hazard to the public on beaches, sea walls, piers and promenades, especially at high tides.

All the agencies are monitoring the situation closely and are on standby to act if the situation deteriorates. For further advice on preparing for flooding is available on the Cornwall Council website at

Be safe during this weather front. If you are going to ‘wave watch’ please do this from a safe place as you not only endanger your life, but you put at risk the lives of the emergency and rescue services who will attempt to save you.

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