Statement from Independent Members at Cornwall Council

The first day at Cornwall Council has passed with new and old Councillors coming together for the first-time. On the whole, it has been a good day and great to meet so many new people who have common interests.

I have been asked by Independent Members to publish the following statement on proposals for a new administration at Cornwall Council. It is as follows:

“Following the results of the Council elections we have collectively agreed to seek the assistance and co-operation of all political groups at Cornwall Council to form an administration. We will do all we can do to form an alliance of all groups which will ensure at Cornwall Council has an effective administration.

On the Leadership, Chairman and Membership of Committees we are not in a position to comment until we have heard from the other groups.

We accept that these negotiations will take time; we all agree that we as Independents only have the interest of the people of Cornwall to worry about”

I will keep you informed as best I can


  • mick martyn


    I understand the intention but think that is a recipe for disaster, there are too many ego’s (we all know who they are) in cornwall council and surely with an alliance it will be even more difficult to agree anything as all parties have different agenda’s.

    Once again i think the tories are playing a blinder, after outfoxing the Lib Dems in the budget vote if they now opt to be the opposition party surely this is the best place to be for the next 4 years with all of the huge cuts and required decisions over the next 4 years – putting whats best for cornwall aside and playing westomsnter politics as no dount the lib dems and tories will continue to do it will be much easier to sit back and point the finger.

  • riscornwall

    How can this possibly work Andrew? Without a credible opposition councillors can evade responsibility for their actions. A broad coalition would be fundamentally anti-democratic and lead to cuts in services and higher council tax. I didn’t vote for this! Please don’t do it!

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