State-funded (Academy and LA) Schools in Cornwall

I thought it would be interesting for people to know the types and numbers of state-funded schools in Cornwall. This includes the pupil population taught under the different state-funded set-ups in Cornwall. I have the portfolio which education comes under, and for me there is no difference in school type; as long as those young people who attend these schools are getting the very best education.

In total there are 272 schools in Cornwall. This is made up of 32 secondary which includes one Free School; 236 primary schools; and four special schools.

From this 272 schools 73* (27%) of them are academies. Out of this 73 schools, 16 (50%) are secondary including one Free School, 57 (24%) are primary and one (25%) special school. These figure do not include those who are in the process of academy conversion.

The total pupil population that are currently being taught under the academy system is 29,377 (42%); or if you like 58% are in LA maintained schools. This is broken down further with the number of pupils being taught under the academy system in for the following: 

  • Primary 11,843 (31% of total pupils);
  • Secondary 17,423 (56% of total pupils);
  • Special Schools 111 (30% of total pupils)

You might not know this, but all academy conversions are carried out on the first of each month.

*(Figures are correct as of 1st Jan 2014 – and I have rounded the percentages)

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