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I attended the Cabinet meeting today at Cornwall Council. Item 12 of the Agenda Workforce Development Strategy 2010-14 had some interesting facts and figures. Now these fact and figures are up to the date of the 31st December 2009. That mean they are slightly out of date, but they are the most resent ones available and presented to Cabinet.

It was for me interesting to read how Cornwall Council is made up in Gender, Salaries and Jobs. From these figures Cornwall Council employs 20,994 people. These figures include full and part time employees.

I shall start with Salaries and the ranges. Please note these figures are in a simple format and the lower end pay scales include those who are part time or limited hours.

                         Male    Female Total
Less than £10k  1272    6387    7659
£10-14,999k        691   2125    2816
£15-£19,999        947   1818    2765
£20-£24,999        792   1505    2297
£25-£29,999        557     731    1288
£30-£39,999       1278   1790   3068
£40k and Over      557     544    1101

As you can see for an organisation we have 1101 of our Staff over £40k. I would like to know what would be the split of this figure for those paid over £60k-£100k. I am not saying that they should not be paid this money, but I thought I should point it out from the recent national press that all Government jobs are over paid. As you can see from the figures it seems not to be the case. You might argue that Cornwall is an area of low paid seasonal jobs, but instead of keeping all wages low, we should strive to raise wages to a higher standard.

The next figures are what roles and dept these staff are employed. So here is a break down of this.
Adult Care and Support -1450
Chief Exec  – 116
Communities  – 2504
Corporate Support  -1350
Children, Schools and Families  – 1940
(Non School)
Children, Schools and Familes – 10640
Environment, Planning & Econ  – 2994

For the full break down of the report click Here- Item 12

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