Staff at the Osborne Property Group create fake Gran stories and Facebook profile to influence planning

As a seasoned Councillor who has held public office for over ten-years, you totally accept people do not always agree with a stance you have to take when carrying out your duties. I totally respect the views of others who do not share mine. But at the end of the day, I make decisions on what is in the best interests of the area I represent by looking at all the evidence from all sides. It is only then I take a viewpoint and cast a vote. As the old saying goes, you cannot please all the people all of the time.

I always believe if you have something to say, put your name to it when you say it. However, with the advent of social media and its mainstream use, I have witnessed many online comments, including on my own social media accounts of people using aliases.

It has therefore saddened me that I have been professionally attacked, my position has tried to be undermined by member(s) of staff of the Osborne Group using fake accounts.

A senior member of The Osborne Group was this weekend caught or should I say outed of using a false internet persona trying to attack me, and in the process deceiving numerous Porthleven residents. The staff member in question, Miss Pace is described on The Osborne Group’s website as Development Coordinator on a number of projects across the UK including Cornwall and is clearly one of 6 leading members of their team, working closely with Mr Osborne.

Miss Sam Pace set-up a fake account called Maxwell Holbourne-Chartres to attack me personally and professionally. This fake account has been used previously to attack me on a different subject too. So they cannot claim it’s a single use. It was only when I publicly outed them did Miss Pace come ‘clean’ on her actions.

What is worse is the fake account claimed to have a lonely gran living in Porthleven. Miss Pace even said her gran was a former net maker and would be willing to give her memories a project that is capturing our rich history. They even asked if their gran could write a supporting letter to planning. This raises a serious question of are there other fake letters of support submitted to the planning authority?

Resident of Porthleven are a caring bunch and when ‘Maxwell Holbourne-Chartres’ or should we say Miss Pace said ‘his’ gran was lonely in the town, people rallied to offer support and help. Yet this was a lie. As there was no such gran; nor did they a come from Porthleven.

In what I can guess is a legalised damage limitation exercise, posted after being ousted, Miss Pace said

“I regret to say that I posted comments on FB in a friend’s name. This was a serious error of judgement on my part, although I absolutely stand by the comments made in their entirety. This post was made in a personal capacity, not as an employee of The Osborne Group


However, Miss Pace has not apologised to me or more shamefully to the public they tried to dupe with their fake gran story to gather more sympathy and credence to their story. Furthermore, they have not apologised for setting up a fake account and ‘trolling’ myself and members of the community. In fact, Miss Pace’s statement doesn’t actually apologise. Interestingly, this fake account was deleted soon after the outing

It gets worse, as after outing Miss Pace, I examined other comments and I easily found out that other comments have been made by PR companies. I know those PR companies have connection to the Osborne Group. As I said before, I respect other people’s views, but to me this looks like a more orchestrated attempted at undermining the democratic process I have been elected to do.

The owner of the Osborne Group, Mr Osborne said in a recent press article that

“All I would ask for is feedback to me, and others, is constructive and fair. In particular, I hope that Andrew Wallis remains objective and professional in his role as Town Councillor’

I wish the same could be said for member(s) of Mr Osborne’s staff who have used unprofessional and deceitful actions to undermine someone’s viewpoint. Mr Osborne has even called me ‘hysterical’ when I rise legitimate issues of his company of breaking the law.

I have always have remained professional and objective in all manners of this and other applications. I have been totally fair and constructive, but in my view this Shipyard application is not in the best interested of Porthleven. I have come to this conclusion by examining all the information and evidence.  I therefore will, and have the right to make representations, comments both on and off-line on this application. I will also be making comments to this application at the forthcoming planning committee.



  • Colin Francis Best

    As I said before politics can muddy the water we just want true honest Investment In the community of Porthleven for jobs and for one and all It may come to a point where we as a community will want to buy back our Harbour yes buy back this will not come cheap . Nothing Is cheap only comments which undermine a cause for which we do not wish to have . It might cost 4 million to buy back ?

  • Pam Kitchen

    Well orchestrated and put Andy, anyone with half a brain could tell that some of the commentators on your blog were false, why would anyone comment and not leave their full name other than to stir up trouble

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    As you moderate all comments before publishing them, perhaps you should ‘lead the way’ Andrew, in transparency of online comments, and just not allow any comments unless posted under the full name of the poster.

  • Simon Miller.

    Well done Andrew. We need more people like you about who are willing to stand up for what’s right and fair.
    It’s a real shame how money always seems to bring out the worst in people……………………

  • Andrew Wallis

    Hard to manage that. I tend to allow all unless they break a few simple rules

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Fair enough Andrew. I realise planning apps can be controversial, but there is never any excuse for anyone to make it personal against you.

  • I hope everyone in Porthleven will read this Andrew, and realise what is happening

  • Miriam M

    I think Pam Kitchen is wrong to assume that everyone who doesn’t comment under their full name wants to “stir up trouble”, I think what’s wrong is to judge people all the same that might like to comment on here not using their full name. Some internet safety rules suggest that you don’t give out too many personal details online. I only commented under my first name and I had no intention of causing trouble and I think my comment was polite.
    I wasn’t necessarily in agreement with having a building in the shipyard anyway.
    I think this blog post is very good too.

  • Lesley Connochie

    Well said Andrew and I echo the comment that I hope as many people as possible read this and see what is going on. Never would anyone who knows you call you hysterical!

  • Lynn Curnow

    The underhand tactics of Mr O and the people in his pocket are despicable. And the thought that it is possible that this planning application had fake letters of support (or letters of support that are coerced from people in this mans pocket) is not only abhorrent but also a grave concern. Well done Andrew for outing that ‘piece of work’, Sam Pace. I only hope that the council will be extra vigilant and extra cautious when going through the submitted plans and also the letters/emails of ‘support’ and if there is any doubt of the integrity of any of them I hope the council will pull the plug on this once and for all!

  • Isabell Austin

    Having spoken to many visitors over the summer period, the overwhelming opinion (unsolicited) on what drew them to Porthleven was the unspoilt old world charm. It is also one of the main reasons I, myself, love Porthleven so much. I fervently believe that Mr. Osborne’s proposed development would be detrimental to the ethos of our village.

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