Stadium Row Rubbles On

The Stadium for Cornwall debate, or should I say row, seems no closer to be solved. There is a lot of back-bench unhappiness over the possibility of tax-payers money being used in any aspect of the project.

Also, the lack of, or the perceived lack of transparency in the business case and finance surrounding this project. Will taxpayer’s money be used either to build it, or the infrastructure around it is another question that has not been answered in a clear way.

This frustration resulted in a motion being put forward by a group of Conservative Councillors, after a slight amendment is as follows:

“This Council supports the development of a Stadium for Cornwall as a private sector led project and recommends to Cabinet that if the Council receives a request for financial support, whether direct or indirect, including by way of guarantees or provision of infrastructure, that in the perceived lack of transparency surrounding the subject that the principle of providing such support be debated by Full Council before any decision be made by Cabinet”

I am supportive of a Stadium for Cornwall, as I really think if done right, it will be an asset to Cornwall. However, that does not mean a blank cheque should be handed over by Cornwall Council.

I really believe the best way forward is to disclose how much and who will be putting money into this project. This way the public will be able to understand and make an informed decision on this project.  But, before the public is told, all Cornwall Councillors should be informed to the true costs and who will be funding the various aspects of the project; as so far this has been lacking.

The vote for the motion was overwhelmingly carried.

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