Stadium Plans Get Approved

Plans to approve the outline permission for a sports stadium near Threemilestone were approved today at Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning Committee after a lengthly debate.

I moved the recommendations for approval for a few reasons. One of these reasons is Cornwall deserves a stadium which will allow it to develop its rich sporting heritage. It would be wonderful if a stadium could be for all sports, but this is would not be achievable without large amounts of public money.

As it was only outline permission as most of the detail will come when a full application is made. If those concerns on highway and congestion are not address by means of a transport plan, legal agreements, or conditions, then I doubt full planning permission will be granted.

What should be celebrated today is things have moved forward in getting a stadium for Cornwall. Many will argue that this location is the wrong location. I might agree with this if the stadium was for all sports and funded by the tax payer. However, it is not (that I know of) a public funded project.

This stadium will be a commercial venture, with one, or two major tenants. It is hardly a secret that one of these tenants will be for the Cornish Pirates rugby team. This point has to be taken into account with the location. Also, the other non sport will be a part of why the stadium have been located here to help make it financially viable.

However, in planning terms how or who will pay for the stadium was not for today’s meeting. Today’s meeting was on establishing the principle of a stadium in this location.

As for the vote I believe people should know how Councillors on the committee vote. So, I asked for a recorded vote. I am not going to name who voted in favour, or against, but I will say 14 councillors voted for approval, and 4 voted against.

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