Stadium for Cornwall – Truro?

The latest news from County Hall (or its new name Lyns Kernow) is on a Stadium for Cornwall. This research has centred on where the best place it should be. I personally have been in two minds if this is viable due to need and cost. I am no expert on this, so I am always interesting in hearing and reading what so called experts say.
Stadium specialist Gardiner and Theobald has undertaken extensive analysis of possible locations across Cornwall based on four key factors: Social, Transport, Environment and Economic. 
These experts have identified a site(s). They are Truro and Threemilestone. There is no getting away from the fact that this stadium has to be near the main carriageway of Cornwall, and that is the A30. I won’t argue that point, but I will argue the point of why Truro?
Yes, Truro is the de-facto capitol of Cornwall, but there is a lot of Cornwall to the east of Truro. Maybe it should be further to the east. Maybe a more central location would be better. It’s the same reason why I would rule out a stadium to the west.  There have been many accusations that Cornwall or the powers-to-be are too Truro-centric. This plays into that charge. (picture is just for illustration) 
I would be very interested to hear as to why other location(s) were discounted and why. I am also of the view that this stadium should be built and run by a private concern, and not the Council. Sure we could help out with some funding, but to run it would not be a good idea. Look how well the Dome started.

Another question is that who will be ‘based’ at this stadium? will it be Rugby, Football, or both? Will it have a running track around it? If a team is based will they be asked to pay for some of the build costs. These are all questions that need to be addressed (and I would hope they are) before a brick is laid.  

I am told by a statement from Cornwall Council that a further study will take place and that will include a business plan which will identify the facilities and possible tenants. This is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.
But as I said at the beginning, I am not a stadium expert and will still keep an open mind when (IF!) I am consulted on this matter. 


  • Badham Farm

    Oh no – not Truro again – my initial response. Any stadium needs to be in East Cornwall so that it can draw on potentially 500000 users from west devon – ie Plymouth & district. Multi use essential – Rugby Football athletics – even speedway & of course festivals & concerts which pay for a stadium. Build one that is viable not a white elephant or a drain on tax payers.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that good transport links are required but surprise, surprise Truro.
    The A30 runs down the spine of Cornwall, why not Bodmin far more central? I like the idea of a stadium for Cornwall (subject to it's future sustainability) but with all the investment going into Truro anyway the East of the Duchy could do with a boost. I will be interested to see how the consultants came to this conclusion.
    Edwina Hannafore CC

  • Rob's blog

    Well I am not totally in favour of Truro being the site for a stadium for Cornwall but there is logic to the Threemilestone site. If you take Cornwall in terms of population centre it is Truro. Take our current 6 constituencies they are all roughly the same size in population. Truro therefore sits roughly in the demographic center of Cornwall with two constituencies to the west and three to the east. If you add in the need for decent transport links then Truro is well served by the trainline and moderately so for the road A39 and A30. Threemilestone is the preferred site because it is near Truro and has the advantage of the Park and Ride site for parking and the buses of the Park and Ride to ferry people from the city centre and train station to the stadium.

    Personally I do despair the growing centralisation of Cornwall and its a shame that yet another facility is going to Truro however in order to attract the biggest crowds to sporting and leisure events then Truro is best served as a comprmise for all the people of Cornwall.

    By the by its Lys Kernow not Lyns, the word is Lys is found in Conrnish lace names such as Helston; Hel-lys, Lizard; Ly-sarth and Liskeard Lys-kerrys

  • Madder do ee

    Truro is not a surprising choice but it is still the best choice available. Cornwall's population is shifted slightly to the west so anything further east would be a disadvantage to those further west.

    I don't think it's a case of the Council concentrating all development in Truro, it's more that the most ideal location just happens to be Truro.

    Decentralisation can happen in other areas, such as local government. Give more powers to the parishes.

  • Anonymous

    They spent £70k finding that a site beside the A30 and Truro's Park and Ride was best. I'd have told them for £50

  • Cormorant

    Rugby? Yes. Football? Yes? But running track? Not in the stadium, please. It would make the stands too far from the pitches.

  • M Rodda

    I would like to bring to light the vastly declining traffic situation in and out of Truro. This is a major reason alone not to locate this site in or around Truro.

    Look at how many visitors travel to the Eden project from all over the country and indeed the world. Somewhere around that area would be a good idea. Truro is far to congested already and having a stadium there would cause havoc for local workers and indeed the general flow of traffic in and out of Truro.

    Personally I avoid going into Truro at all costs unless the visit is necessary. The park and ride is great but again it is situated on an extremely busy road where congestion is bad trying to get from Chiverton Cross to the park and ride. A reason I choose not to use it.

    I would urge the specialists to consider moving the Stadium out of Truro and Threemilestone for this reason alone.

    If it is great, and good for the communities and brings people into Cornwall, it will work outside of Truro in my opinion.

    One other thing, this decision should not be about being fair to the North, East, South or West, or about pumping more money into an already thriving city such a Truro, I feel it should be about realistically making a decision on what the chosen area can take, in terms of traffic, tourism, rebuilding and/or regeneration of leaner areas, space and accommodating all sports and activities into one stadium for maximum revenue possibilities.

  • Anonymous

    We need a stadium for Cornwall not a stadium for Truro.

  • Anonymous

    Clay Country, near Victoria on the regenerated A30 with a new rail station to serve it on the Newquay line with its links to the main railway.

    Near the world famous Eden, near Newquay, Cornwall's largest holiday destination, good access from Camborne Pool Redruth (Cornwall's largest conurbation of close on 40,000 population)

    It is central, (I think Cornwall Council may already own land there,) the area needs regeneration and investment, there is a pool of local unemployed clay workers, keen for decent jobs.

    Graham Coad.

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