Stadium for Cornwall – Full Feasibility Study

The full feasibility study on the proposed Stadium for Cornwall has been released. You can read it by clicking HERE

I am grateful to the (new) Portfolio Member for releasing these documents, as it will allow everyone to read for themselves the proposed plans. I still have reservations about who will pay for it, but until this has been finalised I will still keep an open mind to the whole project.

One comment

  • Anonymous

    As a Cornish Tax Payer I would object to any public money being used on the creation, running or upkeep of a stadium for Cornwall – and question why the Council is contributing any money to this study (or other similar studies). If it was viable some business person or company would have already done it – so tells a tale in my view. Clearly this has all the hallmarks of becoming a white elephant for the Cornish Tax payers if plans progress

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