Stadium for Cornwall Business Plan Scrutinised

At the recent Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee (EESC for simplicity) the long-awaited report and business case was discussed. This report was in two parts; the first being held in open session, and the second being closed. The reason for the second part not being held in open session due to the commercial sensitivity of many details contained in the report. It is a real shame parts of the report was in closed session, as many of the myths surrounding this project could have been explained.

The current business plans have been modelled on the current partnership of  Inox Group, Truro & Penwith College and the Cornish Pirates Rugby Football Club Ltd and does not include Truro Football Club. Also the plans have taken into account the Cornish Pirates current league status, and not a higher league, ie the premiership.

Any project this size is not going to have an easy time in getting though the various hoops to be a reality. The group behind the project also have work to do, especially on the financial side, but I think this message was taken on board at the meeting. The committee was told if the project is given the go ahead after full planning permission is granted; all the financial matters have been resolved, the stadium could be built and operational within a year.

Many good questions were asked today at the EESC, and points of clarification, or answers were given in response. I cannot specify what was asked, or said in answer due to the rules I am governed by. For me, there is a concern any decision on this project could be based on myth, or misunderstanding. It is fine to agree or disagree on a project, but accept it, or reject it on fact.

I believe the stadium will again be discussed at the next EESC meeting in March or early April. Let’s hope those concerns raised at this meeting will be answered.

Maybe the next meeting will be webcast as this project is very important.


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  • Simon Bromage

    The negative thinking about this project has got to stop. Focus needs to be on making the project work and surmounting any obstacle that is placed in its way.

    The local economy cannot afford this project to be killed off by a ‘thousand cuts’. Also the County’s reputation will also be put on the line if this project does not proceed. Any thought of better transport links, which include road, rail and air will be lost and the County will be marginalised by loss of talent and seen to be a backwater for a generation or more.

    In the name of common sense, there is only one decision to be made, please just say Yes!

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