Spinning Political Cohesion

A document has been sent to the Government on behalf of the people of Cornwall and Cornwall Council, but not seen by the majority of the same council, let alone the people. Then again after two years, this hardly comes much of a surprise as letters and documents have been sent to the Government without knowledge of the whole council.

I am grateful to Jude Robinson for putting it online, when I only had an acquired old fashioned paper copy, which I got on Friday. You can read it for yourself  HERE. It is called ‘Can do Cornwall’. A rather catchy title, but what is the document about?

Well, lets start with the foreword:

“What is so special about Cornwall?  We have solid partnerships and political cohesion”.

Are you having a laugh? Are we talking about the same Cornwall Council as in this document? Granted, Cornwall Council is no near like the carry-ons at Helston Town Council, but still it was only a few months ago that the leader of the Conservatives, who is also the Leader of Cornwall Council, just survived a coup d’etat from within his own party.

One of Cornwall Council’s political parties, that of MK, and it’s leader Dick Cole has already made a public statement on this document HERE. The Independent Group has not discussed it, or as far as I know seen the document before it was sent. The lone Labour Cornwall Councillor makes comment HERE. I am told the Leader of the Liberal Democrats refused to sign it after he was shown it the day before it was sent. That only leaves one group, the Conservatives; surely they must have had input into it? The simple answer is no, they did not.

The contents, and its plethora of local authority key-words is bad enough, but the fact this document and its contents was not discussed by the majority of the council is of real concern. If something like this is sent to Government which will affect Cornwall, then surely it must be discussed by those elected to that position? Or am I wrong to think that…

The only  ‘Political cohesion’  this document  has now achieved is cross-party anger at this document being sent in the name of Cornwall Council.

One comment

  • HugeGreatWellies

    Extraordinary! Surely such a document purporting to be on behalf of the Council should at least be discussed, and preferably voted upon by the Council? Mr Lavery gets above himself, he is a public employee, like me, and is responsible to the elected representatives not just Alec Robertson, who once again has just lost my vote that I am now ashamed to say he had last time. Who does he think he is? Der Reichsfuhrer?

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